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Best Hip Replacement Surgeon in Indore

Best Hip Replacement Surgeon in Indore

Do you have difficulty sitting on Earth or on a chair? Do you have pain in your hip or pelvis? If you are at a stage when you get little relief using anti-inflammatory medicines, a total hip replacement or hip replacement surgery would be one of the best options.

With increasing age, our joints become weak and the lubrication in between the joints reduces raising the effects of friction. The more the friction between the joints, the more will be the chances of damaged joints. A healthy joint is one that has a smooth and painless rotation. Additionally, while under load, the joints should be able to bear the force.

Physio therapy or Physical therapy might be an option when you are in the initial stages of arthritis or minor joint pain. A certified physical trainer can help you with that. But if you have a long history of joint pain, ensure that the trainer has good experience in physical therapy and understands the criticality of the condition of joints. A physiotherapist will perform some exercises and will suggest to you some in order to reduce the pain. It is our suggestion that you stick to the plan provided to you for better results.

Certainly, you will get relief from various exercises but if you are not consistent due to various constraints like increasing age, physical weakness, the unbearable pain would be back in your life. Thus, choosing the option of hip replacement surgery would be like getting water in the desert. In a total hip replacement or hip replacement surgery, the orthopaedic surgeon replaces the damaged joints with artificial joints(prosthesis) made of corrosion-resistant metals, ceramic and plastic. Hip replacement surgery is a safe and effective procedure that can relieve your pain, increase motion, and help you get back to enjoying everyday activities. The goal is to replace the parts of the hip joint that have been damaged to help relieve hip pain that can’t be controlled by other treatments.

The benefit of hip replacement surgery is that the rate of success is not dependent on age. Age is never a problem for orthopaedic surgeries. In addition, hip pain is reduced dramatically enabling you to have peaceful nights with pleasant sleep. Furthermore, with the advancement in Computer-assisted implant placement, doctors can perform surgeries with higher precision and success rate near to 99%. Adding one more after effect, the leg strength restores back to healthy leg strength.

Indore has become a center of advancement in computer and medical technology with state-of-the-art facilities in advanced and modern hospitals. At Jyoti hospital, the Centre for Advanced Orthopaedics is a specialised unit for knee and hip replacement surgeries and complex trauma surgeries. Dr. Arpit Tiwari is a Head Orthopaedic Surgeon at Jyoti hospital in Indore.

Dr. Arpit Tiwari is the best knee and hip replacement surgeon in Indore with practice and education from the UK's university. His center for advance orthopaedics is a specialised unit where patients are provided comprehensive orthopaedic and trauma care. It is advisable that before any decision of getting operated, please do consider consulting with the doctor and get information about how your injuries or damaged joints should be treated and if the doctor prescribes you for getting operated, tell all your post-surgery expectations so that doctor plans it's surgery accordingly.

Have a peaceful and painless life. A wish from a doctor for its patients.

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